Ugrás a tartalomhoz Lépj a menübe

About us


 We live in Budapest with our favourite pets, Brúnó, a Leonberger, Manó, a Mudi , Xanti, who is also a Leonberger and two Persian cats: Röfi and Perec. We created this website for those who are interested to get an insight into our life with a Leo, be informed about this breed and last but not least so that we hobby-breeders and animal friends can help with your decision: is it a good idea to bring a Leonberger into the family!

 What is very important: responsible breeders never encourage people interested in this breed to buy a Leonberger in the first place and it is not even possible to buy a dog continuously from them at any time. They want information about the circumstances and talk a lot with the future owner. It is very important how the puppy lives with the breeder during the first two-three months! If it is taken away from its mother, closed and if it is shouted at, the puppy will probably become shy, distanced and have serious nerve problems. That’s why I don’t recommend a place, where Leos are kept this way or where people are fobbed off with a puppy. It is worth waiting even years for a litter of puppies if we see that is the place for us.

We are the member of HLT (Hungarian Leonberger Team) and we are working to help Leos in trouble, their crossbreeds and make people realize the responsible pet keeping. Naturally we would like to offer this breed to those future owners who are similarly to our members capable of providing their dogs with a happy, free and affectionate life.

 Characterising Brúnó we can only and exclusively use positive epithets: first of all he is a Partner. He is a dog with an imposing appearance, we always become mellow from his look, his nature is perfect, well-balanced and friendly (I have to say this is normal!). He is very sensible, always learns easily. He adores Manó who we bought for him not to be bored while we are out at work. He loves our cats, too; with us the dog-and-cat friendship is reality. Our daughter has been dealing with them since her early years, so he is of course a very-very big fan of children, which is especially important. We noticed if children come to our home they always leave with charged up batteries. Even the adults do this way!

 We used to take him to shows since he was young, which was stopped by an almost fatal Babesiosis and unfortunately a Lyme disease as well. But Tamás and Brúnó acted superbly in the ring and the owner reached an excellent obedience training whose secret is very simple: fantastic relationship between the owner and the dog, and a lot of practice!

 Fortunately our dream came true that Xanthus could be brought up beside two super dogs: Brúnó is a very empathic character, while Manó is a perpetual child who you can play with unrestrainedly!

The Leonberger is a fantastic breed, if you are lucky you will never be disappointed in it. Those who choose this breed, more or less will stay Leonberger fans forever! With his help, we made real friends, which is excellent; our circle of friends has almost changed. We can hardly tolerate if someone does not like animals, in one word not a dog-fan! We wish you happy Leo years!


Andrea Vizdak